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Compact Special

Special features for all Compact Programs

Generally there is no need for extra features to our regular Compact programs because all of them are customized individual intensive, one-to-one courses with at least two teachers, some individual work (homework) and some meetings, meals and outings included.

However, there could be the wish to place some more socio-cultural or social-integrative elements into the process of language learning.

Therefore we offer some supplementary, extracurricular activities to our regular Compact programs.
Teachers accompany and guide the participant during outings, excursions and visits (museums, factories, historical sites, etc.), theatre, special events, meals (lunches, dinners), etc.

 For example

 :  Working lunch or dinner
 (2 hours) with a teacher.

Euro 137, 00
including restaurant expenses for student and teacher.
Excursions, visits, outings with a teacher (3 hours) depending on destination, distanceand means of transportation  between 
150, 00 and  250,00 Euro
including all expenses for transports, entrance fees, and consumption of student and teacher.

Please email us your wishes and we will give you an estimate.

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