Half-Day Programs  French Courses Compact 15 ı Compact 20

                                                           These programs offer a relaxed and "stress-free" solution to enhance existing communication skills or to go on beyond a basic or intermediate knowledge of French to become truly proficient in it  ... or, if you need ... to learn just some "survival" French.

                                                           They leave plenty of time, to get to know people and the region. An agreeable combination of "holiday" and studies. Ideal for grammar tune-up, fluency development and accent reduction, providing participants with a strong foundation in oral communication skills

                                                            Maybe you want to be able to understand local people when you go on holiday abroad, or your job brings you in contact with people from French speaking countries, or you just want to be able to socialize during a stay. Maybe you want to develop and improve fundamental French communication competencies or to lay the foundation for higher stages of proficiency by building vocabulary and familiarizing yourself with the most basic structures of the language. Maybe that you just need a serious brush-up ...

Depending on needs and duration they could be the solution
for novice levels : for intermediate and advanced levels :
  • to acquire correct pronunciation and intonation

  • as a warm up to the French language 

  • to jump-start a longer learning process

  • to get some "survival" French (shorter term)

  • to develop basic but sound and functional
    French communication skills (longer term)

  • to fill in gaps

  • to reinforce and further existing knowledge

  • to prepare for a private or business trip

  • to learn the latest idioms and expressions or acquire job-orientated or work-specific terminology

  • to brush up on existing skills

  • to reduce common pronunciation errors and develop more natural intonation and stress patterns