The French Riviera The French Riviera
and its "Arrière Pays"

Glamorous , flamboyant, famous and yet quite unknown !!

I do not remember who said, that God created here the earthly section of Paradise .
Some of the sites will make you discover hidden marvels, others are tourist guides again or are purely commercial, but all are of a certain interest, full with information about this gorgeous region.

" The French Riviera -- the very name conjures up visions of movie starlets stepping out of sports Mercedes, of shapely young women tanning topless on the beach, of elegant couples in dinner suits and evening gowns sitting at the Black Jack tables of small, stylish casinos, of multi-million-dollar mega yachts tied up at glamorous marinas, and of holidaying crowds wandering along the "Promenade des Anglais", the famous waterfront street of Nice. And all these images would be correct, for the Riviera can be all things to all people ... "

Your curiosity is aroused?
You say that, it it was not the " shapely-young-women-tanning-topless-on-the-beach " don't be tempted! which induced you to follow the link but only the wish to learn more about " The many faces of the French Riviera " (by Walter and Cherie Glaser)?
Sure! ;-) But why do you tell me that? I wasn't implying anything! No! And I must admit that this glamorous, shimmering side of the French Riviera is rather captivating!

And ... it could be enigmatic - sometimes! Therefore, don't take off to Cannes , its Festival and the "shapely-and-so-on" before you have become acclimatized to it. Intellectually I mean!

You must take a crash course in " SPEAKING IN TONGUES " and you have to learn some special French, for instance "Essential Phrases for the Aspiring Poseur". Necessary, useful and written by professional insiders! (or by well-informed professional outsiders? But who knows? In Cannes!) By the way, when you are there (on the site I mean), don't miss the article " Disneyland by Dante "! Also the FILM SCOUTS' EXCLUSIVE UNDERGROUND GUIDE TO THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL with Effective Guerilla Tactics, revealed for the First Time Ever! (by Richard Schwartz) will be inspiring, for sure! An outsider's diary from the mega sized Cannes Film Festival, or Planet Hollywood on the Riviera, by  Rob Nelson, could also incite you - or not - to join the crowd.

Now, dear Anglophone reader, the next link has really nothing - a priori - to do with the topics of my pages but I will not withhold from you this unique possibility to do something for your ... English! These outstanding linguists and fine psychologists of "" have concocted an English language course which certainly will improve your communication skills in your own mother tongue! Go and take a Film Scouts Los Angeles English Language Course ! But be warned! The whole site is a kind of a trap! You can't get out! At least I could not! I don't know how much time I spent there! And ... I go back regularly. I simply love that site .
Another "coup de coeur" !

But let's come back to the many faces of the French Riviera.
St. Tropez , the old and picturesque fisher village ;-)), Jet-set-society-hotbed and Play-ground-for-younger-and-elder-play-boys-and-girls don't be tempted! is a kind of quintessence of this multi-faceted region. NICEPrincipality of Monaco / Monte Carlo and all those fashionable, busy, mundane, chic and sophisticated but undoubtfully beautiful towns and villages "de la Côte" are one face, but don't miss the other side and its marvels! There are so many! Especially in the "Arriere Pays", in the upper country, the hinterland!

Leave a bit the " race tracks " for tourists and visit " La Vallée des Merveilles " which is really a Valley of Wonders !You will not regret it!

Hello! Welcome again!
"It was an enchanting excursion," you mean?
And you ask, if I could recommend some other places to go?
You want to learn more about this region, its people, its history, its customs? You want to become a French Riviera expert?
"Pas de problèmes"!!

Visit the Riviera and its places at your leisure , see off-road sites or lose yourself in the maze of charming medieval  villages or read about the famous people ( artists , writers ) who lived or live in this inspiring paradise! One page will even tell you about " Party going Writers ". By the way, everybody knows about the  wines of France Bordeaux, Bourgogne ..., but have you ever tasted a nice Rosé de Provence or eaten a delicious Bouillabaisse ?

There we are!
Some people speak about the weather, when they meet. But, don't forget! We are in France! Sooner or later, (inevitably!), we will come to one of the major French conversation subjects : "La Gastronomie! La Cuisine"! We will come to it later . But let's have at least a short look at the regional gastronomy, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, which is quite distinctive from the rest of French cuisine. 

Now, I could persuade you? It's decided! Your next trip will take you to the French Riviera ! Perhaps to one of the thousands of professional events which take place every year?
A good decision! You will not regret it!
And it is easy. Road and rail links are excellent and the International Airport Nice-Côte d'Azur is a major airline hub.