gerdDear Visitor and Friend,
please allow me just a little word beforehand.
The whole thing begun long time ago with a "multicultural" discussion
between friends about France, the French, the French Language
and Language Learning in general.

Most of these pages have been written a long time ago,
they were online for years, had many visitors and brought me many friends,
but finally I had to withdraw them because I had not enough time to follow up,
to fix broken links, to answer emails and so on.
I have been asked quite often to put them back and … as I have now a bit more time …
... here they are again!

Not all of them, ...  but they will be back "au fur et à mesure" I update and reorganize them.
lease bear with me, for the moment it's still the old version (however already refurbished ... a bit!)! I'm simply too lazy to remake everything "tout de suite"! You must take it as it is for the time being! Sorry!

It’ll take me some time to actualize all the pages, to update links, texts, photographs and videos.
Please help me to fix broken links and  give me those you have found on Internet  and where you think they could be interesting for all of us.

I hope, however, that these pages will still be helpful to find all the information you might wish about France, the French and the French Language. Some of them might be not too "serious" but all will give either useful hints and tips, inform you about do's and don'ts or answer some of your questions.

The links will lead you to really great sites but also to some minor ones (which, by the why, are often more than interesting). There are - fortunately - more and more sites on the Web with French related subjects. The choice of the sites is subjective and almost at random, but those we have chosen found all our interest or admiration! Some of them are very, very good! Some American universities have amazing linguistic sites.

I am still collecting. If you know a good or cool one, please let me know ... and be so kind to report dead links!

Thank you! .
PS: I have put back “Going Places in France” and also  "Do's and Don'ts in France",  “French resources on the Web”, “About Second Language Learning”,” Learning Modalities, Styles and Strategies”, “Assessment of learning style preferences” which I will update as soon as I can.