Full-Day Programs  French Courses Compact 30 ı Compact 40

                                                             These programs are designed to allow an effective Short-Term Training. They stand for a daily full time effort of six to eight hours of concentrated labor to provide participants with the necessary communication skills and the sociolinguistic competence to communicate as effectively, clearly and accurately as possible in a French-speaking environment
with the ability
  • to express sophisticated nuances of meaning
  • to hint at things not directly expressed
  • to meet, mediate or negotiate successfully and with confidence
  • to discuss special fields of competence and interest with ease
  • to participate effectively in most formal and informal conversations on practical, social, professional, and abstract topics
  • to support opinions and hypothesize using French-like discourse strategies
  • to converse in a clearly participatory fashion
  • to initiate, sustain, and bring to closure a wide variety of communicative tasks
Beginner, basic and intermediate level students focus on core grammar, listening and speaking, reading comprehension and vocabulary skills
Intermediate levels develop and improve fundamental competencies in order to reach their fullest potential and gain the knowledge and experience they need to function effectively in a French speaking business environment, including conflict resolution, negotiation and meeting facilitation as well as business vocabulary and idioms
Participants with advanced levels acquire conversational fluency and pronunciation, natural speech and idioms, and French culture and customs to reach greater levels of mastery and will also be trained in writing and composition,