• Introduction  "Style" does NOT mean ability but preference !!
    There is no doubt that the more we become aware of our own learning styles, the better we learn, but ...
  • What kind of learner are YOU and what is YOUR  preferred learning style ?
    Discover and take advantage of your preferred learning style. It is evident that our personality and temperament affect our learning "habits" and even - sometimes - our success, especially if the "teacher" does not correspond to OUR style!
    Are you :
     Global or sequential ? ... active or reflective? ... sensing or intuitive?... visual or verbal? ...
  • Assessment of learning style preferences
    Measuring and assessing your cognitive and perceptual preferences can help to enhance your learning potential and/or to develop adequate strategies ...Recognize yourself, your Personality, find out about your Type and Learning Styles, but ... do not overemphasize it! It could then even be counter productive!