Dear Reader,

Just another little word beforehand! 

There is no doubt that the more we become aware of our own learning styles, the better we learn.

Knowing about our cognitive and perceptual preferences will give us some hints about how we can take advantage of our preferred learning style. 

Discovering the ways we prefer to process information will enable us to develop strategies which will enhance our learning potential. 

A lot has been, and will be, written about it! 
About learning in general and foreign language learning in particular!

But DO NOT over emphasize your "discovery" and DO NOT let reduce yourself to a type. 
Types and theories can be interesting and give some insight and useful hints, but ... 
they will not - and cannot - learn for YOU! 

There is still - and always will be - some "work" to do! 
Theories or not, learning styles or not, strategies or not, even "gifted" or not, YOU will have to WORK and ... you will succeed! 

Just keep the following in mind :  

Everybody can learn any language ! (Even the most "stupid" ones do speak at least one!). Almost everybody on this planet can communicate by means of language, i.e. they have learnt it! How many of them, do you think, were "gifted" or have known about their abilities and learning preferences? The old Confucius already said : 
I hear - I forget; I see - I remember; I do - I understand!

And don't forget! There is NO MIRACLE METHOD!  Nobody will speak a foreign language fluently, correctly, "perfectly" in three or four weeks! (Even the most "intelligent" ones will not!)

Learning a new language always means effort, work, motivation, time, perseverance, even momentary discouragements, but also ... personal satisfaction and enrichment! 

The - not so old - R. Kipling said : "On est autant de fois un homme, que l'on parle une langue étrangère!" He said it in English, but you just started "learning"! ;-)

Now! This is said! Nevertheless, knowing your preferences and aptitudes better can certainly facilitate the task! Therefore let's go and find out about your preferred learning style.