Dear Reader,

Before you go and  see how the tests/questionnaires rate your Learning Style Preferences or your Personal Profile just remember that "Style" does NOT mean ability but preference!

Self-scoring "tests" are mostly type indicators or pattern grids that help you identify your own preferences.  

Just be aware of what your preferences may be.  It is evident that our personality and temperament affect our learning "habits" and even - sometimes - our capacity. If your personal Learning Style differs greatly from the Teaching Style of your instructor you might have some difficulties, get discouraged and finally doubt about your abilities! "Gifted" or not !

To prevent this from happening just one advice : CHANGE THE TEACHER!

Get one with a corresponding Teaching Style! This could be often quite difficult, but NOT for a professional Language School.

They should have within their teaching staff different teaching styles to meet their clients needs!

They should know about Learning and Teaching Styles! If not, choose another Language School! ;-)

  • HUMANMETRICS (A test based on the Jung - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI). This typological approach to personality could be a rough indicator of your temperament and it may provide some insights that will be new to you.
  • Paragon Learning Style Inventory
    An indicator of your cognitive and perceptual preferences.
  • Learning Style Survey
    Written by Catherine Jester of Diablo Valley College. This tool provides a summary of your learning style and tips on how it will impact your learning.