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FrenchA - simply overwhelming - collection of Online Dictionaries
FrenchARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary Form
Look up words in a simple "word searchable" French to English or English to French dictionary containing about 75,000 terms.
FrenchLe nouveau Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique 

GDT, the Large Terminological Dictionary  is produced by the Office of the French language of the government of Quebec. An English-French, French-English electronic dictionary consisting of over 3 million terms, titles, synonyms, acronyms, definitions, phraseology units, examples of usage and observations in a wide variety of fields

Un ouvrage de référence unique de l'Office Québécois de la Langue Française, rassemblant un fonds terminologique d'envergure de 3 millions de termes français et anglais avec des définitions, des synonymes et des notes explicatives dans 200 domaines d'activité.

Frenchand it's linguistic databank 
Banque de Dépannage Linguistique
Un outil pédagogique en constante évolution, maintenu par une équipe de spécialistes de la langue française, qui proposent des réponses claires aux questions les plus fréquentes portant sur la grammaire, l'orthographe, la ponctuation, le vocabulaire général et les abréviations. Les articles sont rédigés dans une langue simple et elles sont accompagnées d'exemples clairs qui en facilitent la compréhension.
FrenchThe European Commissions multilingual term bank ...

covers a broad spectrum of human knowledge, but is particularly rich in technical and specialised terminology (agriculture, telecommunications, transport, legislation, finance) related to EU policy. New data are added constantly by a team of Commission terminologists, supported by technical staff, using a special program (Edictor) to process terminology obtained from Commission terminologists, translators, linguists from other European and international institutions, research centres, publishers, private experts, etc.
At present the term bank contains about five and a half million entries (terms and abbreviations), subdivided into more than 800 collections. 

FrenchUNTERM ...
... is the United Nations Multilingual Terminology Database (70,000 Entries and with daily updates) which provides United Nations nomenclature and special terms in all six official UN languages - English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic. The database was compiled over the years and is mainly intended for use by the language and editorial staff of the United Nations to ensure consistent translation of common terms and phrases used within the Organization. 
FrenchCRITER (Corpus du Réseau Interministériel de Terminologie)
La base de données terminologiques de la délégation générale à la langue française, comprend désormais l'ensemble des termes publiés au Journal Officiel par la Commission générale de terminologie (*) et de néologie, soit près de 3000 termes français avec leur définition et leurs équivalents en langue étrangère.

(*)The French Terminology and Neology General Commission
The "Commission générale de terminologie et de néologie", based in Paris, operates under the supervision of the French Prime Minister. 
The Committee submits new words together with their definition for approbation by the "Académie française". Recommendations are published in the Official Journal of the French Republic.

FrenchCILF (Conseil International de la Langue Française)
A huge database. Dictionaries on line [aeronautiques, agriculture, industry, medical, science, gourmet, vocabulary and a lot more]. 
The aim of the International Council of the French Language is to enrich the French language and to support its use. The areas of work of the CILF include orthography, terminology, grammar, linguistics, lexicology, oral tradition, and the dialogue of languages and cultures.
Frenchand Orthonet 
Le Lexique du Conseil international de la langue française (CILF).
Ce lexique n'est pas un dictionnaire : il ne contient pas tout le vocabulaire ;
il exclut les noms propres, les termes techniques très spécialisés, les mots étrangers non intégrés. Il vous renseigne (par l'exemple plus que par la théorie) sur l'orthographe d'usage, les accords, les conjugaisons.
- plus de 25 000 réponses sur des difficultés d'orthograph ou de syntaxe;
- une conjugaison modèle: DONNER
- plus de 1000 conjugaisons difficiles ... etc.
FrenchA Directory of bilingual and multilingual dictionaries's dictionary search engine currently has links to over 2000 translation dictionaries and glossaries freely available on the internet.

Business, Economics and Finance Dictionaries

FrenchIMF Terminology International Monetary Fund A Multilingual Directory

This terminology database contains over 4,500 words, phrases and institutional titles commonly encountered in IMF documents in areas such as money and banking, public finance, balance of payments, and economic growth. . It provides versions of terms in a number of languages, without definitions.

FrenchDictionnaire d'Apprentissage du Français des Affaires 
The DAFA contains 11000 multiword units and a very keen system to differentiate synonyms and its conceptual organization. It includes more than 3000 contexts from the fields of business and economics, numerous usage notes and geographical variants from Belgium, France, Quebec and the French speaking part of Switzerland. 
FrenchLe glossaire de la microfinance ... (pdf file)

... est avant tout conçu comme un outil d'appui à la traduction, facilitant la compréhension du vocabulaire de référence de la microfinance, notamment pour les francophones qui souhaitent avoir accès aux ouvrages anglo-saxons.
Le glossaire vise également à normaliser des termes encore peu définis en français, en particulier dans les domaines financiers. Les principaux domaines techniques couverts sont la comptabilité/gestion, la finance et l’audit adaptés aux institutions de microfinance, ainsi que l’impact des services de microfinance.

FrenchGlossaire des affaires / Business Glossary  FRANÇAIS - ANGLAIS/  ENGLISH - FRENCH
French Dictionary of Banking  FRANÇAIS -  ENGLISH - DEUTSCH - ITALIANO
FrenchAdvertising and Marketing  English-Deutsch-Français
FrenchActuarial Vocabulary / Insurance
The Canadian Institute of Actuaries English-French lexicon.
Be aware that all proposed translations are not of equal quality. They come from different sources, some are only suggestions, others officially recommended.

Scientific - Mechanical - Technical - Professional Dictionaries

FrenchMultilingual Glossary of technical and popular medical terms ... 
... in nine European Languages. Commissioned by The EuropeanCommission (DG III) and executed by Heymans Institute of Pharmacology, University of Gent
and Mercator College, Department of Applied Linguistics
The TERMISTI Research Center is attached to the Higher Institute for Translators and Interpreters (ISTI) in Brussels. Its work focuses on two areas: modelling multilingual terminology and terminotics. The interests and skills of the TERMISTI team relate chiefly to developing terminological glossaries for highly specialized fields. 
French Termite - TERMInology of TElecommunications - ITU (English-French-German-Russian)
TERMITE is the ITU's 60,000-entry terminology database containing primarily Telecommunication terms relating to technical standards. The database also Includes terms pertaining to technical fields and administrative and Financial matters relevant to the structure and functioning of ITU. The entries are primarily in English, French, Spanish and sometimes Russian (transcribed), although some may also contain Italian, German and Portuguese.
FrenchInter-Active Terminology for Europe - the EU's terminology database.
IATE is used by the EU's various institutions to collect, distribute and jointly manage EU-specific terminology. It contains some 1.4 million multilingual entries.
French Telecommunication Knowledge Database (French-English)
Base de connaissances en Télécommunication et Informatique réalisé par/by Philippe MOLINIÉ
FrenchTechnical and Popular Medical Terms
A large DataBase and  Multilingual Glossary in nine European Languages, commissioned by The European Commission (DG III) and executed by Heymans Institute of Pharmacology and Mercator School, Department of applied Linguistics. You can call the alphabetical list of medical terms or the glossary in the language you have selected. You can switch between the glossary, the list and the multilingual lemma collection. The multilingual lemma collection gives you the translations of the term in the seven other languages. There is also an English dictionary available that gives you the English definition of all terms.
French Mechanical and Technical Dictionary
This dictionary has around 3500 terms. ENGLISH - FRENCH / FRANÇAIS - ANGLAIS
FrenchAGROVOC (Agriculture)
FAO’s agricultural thesaurus, a multilingual structured and controlled vocabulary designed to cover the terminology of all subject fields of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food and related domains. It is used throughout FAO’s web pages to help locate subject-specific information and is particularly relevant to indexers, librarians and translators working in the global food and agriculture sector. It is now online in Arabic and Chinese in addition to the existing English, French, Portuguese and Spanish versions. 
French Construction Science and Technology  French - English
A Canadian Thesaurus
FrenchInternational Electro-technical Vocabulary (IEV) 
The online database contains some 20 000 terms in English, French, German and Spanish. It also provides definitions in English and French for the category of General Concepts 

Internet and Computer dictionaries

FrenchGlossaire de termes relatifs à Internet (English-French)
Ce glossaire officieux est mis à notre disposition par Jean-Karim Benzineb (jkb), Traducteur au Conseil de l'Europe. 
FrenchLexique des néologismes Internet
FrenchGlossaire informatique ...
... des termes publiés au Journal officiel par la Commission générale de terminologie et de néologie le 22 septembre 2000 (English-French)
FrenchVocabulaire d'Internet
  • Index des termes anglais / français
  • Index des termes français / anglais

for the sporty ones

FrenchMaritime Dictionary French - English 
French Lexique des termes de Marine : (400 termes français
FrenchEquestrian Sports Dictionary  
French, German, English
FrenchWindsurfer's Dictionary  
English - German - Polish - Italian - French - Spanish
French Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Dictionary  English/French
FrenchBicycling Dictionary  French, German, English

Gastronomy and Food (for the hungry ones)

FrenchThe Food and Wine Lover's Companion
Know saté from sauté, semifreddo from spoom? Over 4,000 food terms
Thirsting to know the difference between Riesling and Gewürztraminer? Over 3,500 entries
French A Short List of French Menu Terms 
FrenchDining Out in France (a practical guide)
For many diners, the restaurant menu can present a confusing and intimidating barrier to the pleasures of dining out. 


FrenchAcronyms & Abbreviations
FrenchMAGUS (Multilingual Animal Glossary of Unveiled Synonyms)
Pan-European Dictionary of Common Names of Animals; Mammals and Birds in 53 languages of Europe
FrenchDr. Gunnars Jónssonar's Fish Dictionary 
in Danish, English, French, Icelandic, Latin, and Norwegian
French slang ("Argot")
first I wanted to put this link on my "hidden" - my "underground" * - page ...
... but then I thought, it could be useful to know - at least - some of these words.
Französisch The Alternative French-English Dictionary
( * Oh yes, there is one! Don't forget that I intend to give a complete overview of France,
French and related subjects! If you want to go t here you must first
ask for the password ! Sorry!)

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