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 ImmersionDear Reader and Visitor,
Just allow me, beforehand, this personal remark about Immersion Courses !

When you continue reading you might think, that we do not want to sell this program.
"Que nenni, cher Lecteur et Visiteur, que nenni !"  On the contrary! We love it! It means for us interesting work with interesting people, challenge and final satisfaction and - last but not least - business and turn-over! But ... we want to sell it ... not "to palm it off" as the "miracle solution" to learn or master a foreign language effortless, almost overnight without stress, with no struggle, no work! Don't be "fooled"! Real immersion programs are costly because they are very intensive concerning services, number of trainers and hours and not because they are (supposed to be) the easy way to learn a language!
Often you can read a lot of nonsense, written sometimes by quite reputable (or less) people about full immersion training and so-called language baths! No one will learn to master a foreign language in one, two or four weeks! Even with a "super-total-intensive-full-immersion miracle- program"! Neither you nor I - nor anybody else!

Our Impact Program is NOT a "miracle" program! It is just an immersion program with many daily hours and extracurricular socio-integrative services with no other possibility than learning and using French.

For lower-level learners it is a challenge, which needs a lot of efforts and endurance. You must be motivated and willing to invest you totally! It could be quite tough, rough and stressing!  Full immersion means "Swim or Sink"! It stands for hard unremitting daylong work without escape possibilities! ... And the days are long! Very long! This is the hard way to learn a language!
Only choose this solution if you really and absolutely need to acquire sound French communication skills in a very short period of time! Should you be a complete beginner you should take before an immersion program a kind of "warm-up" course (about 15 to 20 hours).