Compact WE
Intensive French Communication Training on Weekends 


An intensive Work Weekend at the French Riviera
to refresh and improve your French Communication Skills
A tailor made weekend workshop for the "schedule-plagued" ones

You have already some good basic knowledge or even intermediate to advanced communication competencies in French, but you are not satisfied with it! You need or want to become more fluent, more confident and secure in speaking French? 

Maybe also ...
... that you are just before an important meeting  with French speaking business partners, 
... that you are just before a business or private trip to a Francophone country
... that you have to participate at an international conference or colloquium
... that you have to take an aptitude test or to sit for an exam ... etc.

To be brief, you have to "whip into shape your French"! And that should be quickly!
And, naturally, it should be efficient! And serious! And intensive! And ... and ...
And above all, it should fit your scheduling needs and be compatible with your appointment-planner!

There are plenty of possibilities and alternatives offered, but among them none suits you so really :

  • for several months, one or two times a week, the evenings, after office hours, some evening lessons in a more or less motivated group with different interests and levels?  

No, really not!
Takes too long ... does not correspond to your needs and requirements ...
there is also too much time between the lessons
and  for the coming one there are already one or two things forgotten which you have learned the lesson before
or you couldn't attend the last lesson for some unforeseen professional  or private reason
or it might be that you had a hard office day and - fed up as you are - you just do not fancy to go there only to top the lot!  ... etc. !

  • In-company Courses during working hours with, perhaps, some supplementary lessons with the "good old language lab"?
 This may be ever so well organized and professionally geared up as possible, but it takes still too long!
And ... you know what it is like!
There is always something there to come between!
Customer or staff meetings and discussions with colleagues, which drag on and won't come to an end ...
urgent telephone calls, schedule problems of all kind
And, not to forget, the current business which occupies your mind and which you take with you into the classroom!
And then, above all that, you should train and improve your French ???
  • Two or three weeks communication training in France?
    Perhaps only "just" one week? But then "full immersion"!
    Voilą, the solution!
    One full week ... only French! A "total language bath"!

Oh yes, that would be the solution, indeed! But ... unfortunately,  ... just ... "would"!
Even for just one little week, for only five working days, your company and your schedule won't leave you time for the coming weeks or months!

The day, where you have to use your rusty and perhaps even insufficient French communication skills,
the moment where you have to act with self-assurance, with no complexes or "hang-ups", comes nearer and nearer.

Your - otherwise prevailing - self-confidence in your negotiating skills is affected by the awareness that your French is a bit out of sorts!

You have to DO SOMETHING! But ... WHAT? None of the above solutions does really suit you well enough!

Perhaps we can offer you a suitable alternative :
Intensive, tailor-made, cross-cultural French Communication Training
on two, three or four days over the weekend.

An extended weekend (4 days) with "the whole shebang" corresponds in its outcome to the learning results of almost a year of French performance course!
Already a 2-day weekend program alone offers with 20 up to 25 full hours of accelerated intensive training  the possibility to reach a learning goal for which you would need several weeks or even months in evening classes.

Our intensive weekend programs range from 2 to 4 days duration and 25 to 46 full hours of intensive communication training.


Französisch lernen in Frankreich