Weekend and public holiday extensions Compact Special ı Compact "Tandem"
French lessons French couses Compact Plus Compact Classes take place every day from Monday to Friday. In general there are, with the exception of some special programs, no classes on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (*).
(*) Lessons canceled due to public holidays will be recovered during the stay or deducted from the invoice.

However, for these days program extensions can be booked against extra charge.
Generally we do NOT recommend these extensions !
Should you have more than two weeks at your disposal, we rather recommend a regular Compact program!

Depending on the daily number of lessons Compact Plus programs can be rather " stressing " (particularly with full day sessions) and ...
... they are costly too (Sunday hours and public holiday hours count twice)!
Nontheless, Compact Plus could be a solution if time pressure and schedule book do not leave a more "comfortable" solution!

Compact Plus could stand, for example, for the content or value of
a TWO-week regular program in ONE working week.

In other words a
9-day (or 7-day) program within only a 5-day absence from business. 

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