We are a small, dedicated team of experienced professional language instructors who understand adult education as a personal challenge and a creative task.

We see our educational job not only in the straight linguistic teaching and the technical transfer of some foreign language proficiency but also develop the necessary intercultural mindset for real communication skills.

Speaking a foreign language means communication across cultures, languages and borders. It includes understanding and appreciating cultural differences
and goes beyond the mechanics of grammar and vocabulary - which are, however, indispensable!

In consequence we attach great importance to individuality and socio-cultural elements besides a thorough training in general or specific French language communication.

The primary obstacle to mutual communication and understanding between the "foreigner" and a native speaker is less the "foreign" language than the foreign culture! It is of fundamental importance to know - and to understand - the other's culture, his ways of working and thinking, his likes and dislikes, his attitudes and codes of behavior, his country's traditions, "do's and don'ts", regulations and standards!

Therefore we coach our trainees

in specifically French economic, political, social and cultural facts and familiarize them with typically French peculiarities and traits

combined and interwoven with a thorough training in general French language proficiency covering:

  • progressive acquisition of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions,
  • syntax, grammar, structures of formal and everyday language,
  • phonetic and phonic exercises
  • "pattern drills" to facilitate accuracy, ease and fluency in speaking and listening.

Situated in Nice, French Riviera, we provide and recommend accommodation in carefully selected French homes, meeting all requirements and fulfilling all conditions to which demanding clients of our target group are entitled.