Our customized Compact Courses meet all demands and exigencies 
demanding professionals should expect of
serious, efficient and competent language training.

Compact Courses
  are " tailor-made" with a maximum of individuality
  and they
offer :

  • individual consideration and treatment of the trainee's :
    · specific needs and requirements,
    · educational background and level of French,
    · target level, learning pace and learning potential,
    · personal and professional prerequisites, expectations, experiences and interests.

  • flexible program planning and time-table depending on the trainee's request and needs for one week or more with four to ten lessons of 60 minutes each from Monday through Friday.

  • specialized syllabus orientation focusing on the trainee's particular needs and requirements.

  • individually piloted progression of the program and ongoing personal assessment.

  • information and topics about economic, political, social and cultural facts on France integrated in the syllabus.

  • briefing and familiarization about and with specific French peculiarities and traits .

  • rapid assimilation of the learned topics and acquisition of language automatism's
    through "old fashioned" but -unfortunately - necessary pattern drill.

  • experiential training and "discovery learning" with active use (learning by doing) already "on-site" in "life" situations.

  • course accompanying and syllabus completing activities within the framework of the French-speaking social, cultural and professional environment.

  • Encounters with people of the same or similar professional interests during informal get-togethers, meals, club meetings or other social events. *

  • Excursions, tours and outings accompanied by a teacher, etc. *

* (personal costs and expenses for meals, drinks, entrance tickets, transportation, etc. are not included) .

  • experienced, motivated and qualified teachers - all university graduates

  • over 35 years of experience in foreign language training for executives

  • staff attendance during the entire stay , beginning with a welcome at the airport and transfer upon arrival and ending with assistance at airport check-in upon departure. Every conceivable effort will be made to ensure an efficient, successful and enjoyable stay.

  • accommodation service (optional): We provide and recommend private accommodation in carefully selected French homes. They meet all requirements and fulfill all conditions to which demanding clients of our target group are entitled.

Other accommodation possibilities: hotels, flats, villas.