Learning Franch in FranceCompact Half-Day Courses

The"painless" ones
Programs with 3 up to 4 full hours per day from Monday to Friday inclusive.
from 15 up to 20 full hours per week

Half-day programs would actually represent the most agreeable, less stressing and most painless way for all levels
to warm or brush up existing communication skills or
to develop and improve fundamental French communication competencies  beyond elementary proficiency ...,
if ... you are not
under serious time pressure and lack of  time is not a major problem .

They leave plenty of time, to get to know people and the region and
to develop sociolinguistic competence by experiencing the language in a large number of social situations.


  Learning Franch in FranceCompact Full-Day Courses

The "uncompromising" ones
Programs with  6 to 8 full hours per day from Monday to Friday inclusive
from 30  up to 40 full hours per week. 

These programs are designed to allow an Effective Short-Term Training and accelerated learning for all levels
They stand for a daily full time effort of six to eight hours of concentrated labor
to provide participants with the necessary and appropriate communication skills
to communicate as effectively, clearly and accurately as possible in a French-speaking environment .

  Learning Franch in FranceCompact WWE    "Refresher" -  Week-End Training

An intensive Work WeekEnd at the French Riviera
A tailor made weekend workshop for the "schedule-plagued" ones
to refresh or improve their French communication competency
2 to 4 days of Intercultural Communication Training with up to 40 full hours of individual, tailor-made tuition
These courses are not suitable for complete beginners.
We care for everything from arrival to departure (transfers, accommodation, full-board etc.)

  Learning Franch in FranceCompact Add-Ons

Additional Program Extensions  ...


... for Learners who want to round off and to combine the course program with yet further extracurricular socio-cultural and socio-integrative elements and/or other features and services such as accompanied leisure and recreation activities etc. and who do not want to "sacrifice" regular course hours for that.

... for Professionals and Individuals who are pressed for time and who want or need to  utilize the weekends as wellfor Participants who possibly want to enroll as a twosome

... for "stress-resistant" people and "adherents of maximum solutions" 
NB: " Maximum" means seldom "Optimum" ;-)

etc. ...

Learning Franch in FranceImmersion Franšaise    IMPACT

The  " No-Way-Out " Program !
This program is not suitable for complete beginners.  
Should you be a complete beginner you should take before an immersion program
a kind of "warm-up" course(about 15 to 20 hours)

Only choose this solution if you really and absolutely need to acquire
sound French communication skills in a very short period of time!
Also higher-level learners (at least with some basic knowledge and "an ear" for French)
should take it into consideration only when the lack of time is critical and
when the need of sound French communication skills is more than very urgent (*).

This is the short but hard way to learn a language!

It stands for over 10 daily hours of communication training with no escape possibilities and
some additional accompanied extracurricular, socio-integrative activities.
At least one or two hours per day are so-called cross-fire lessons, i.e. with two or three trainers simultaneously.

Saturdays and Sundays are working days. The daily "torture" ;-) starts and 08:00 and ends - if you are lucky - at 18:00.
Your teachers will stay with you the whole day (lunches and "breaks" included).

At least once a week your evenings will be taken too.
And in case of some remaining "leisure time" you have to do some homework, meet people, discuss with your hosts ...

(*) Should you have more time than one or two weeks to achieve your learning goal and objectives
we recommend rather a Compact 40 or Compact 30 with , perhaps, some Add-Ons.


   COMPACT Abroad
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