General Course Features
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COURSE  TYPE : Individual Cross-Cultural Intensive Training  "one-to-one"
  There exists, however, the possibility to book  a course together with a second participant . (*)
  We also offer so-called "Crossfire Training, i.e. lessons simultaneously with two up to three trainers .(**)
  (*)   see more under  : ADD-Ons "Compact Tandem"
(**) see more under the different program descriptions
COURSE  START DATES and REGISTRATION : our courses can be booked all year round at any time .
  Courses start in general on Mondays (except Special Programs *)
(*) see more under the different program descriptions.

COURSE DURATION : minimum 5 working days or Special Programs
  Minimum Duration for all programs : 
one Week
 (5 working days), generally from Monday to Friday inclusive
exception : Weekend Refresher Courses and IMPACT

In general there are no classes on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
However, on these days program extensions can be booked against extra charge (*). 
Otherwise, lessons canceled due to public holidays will be recovered during the stay or deducted from the invoice.

(*)   see more under  : ADD-Ons "Compact Plus"

  The number of daily lessons (60 minutes each), can vary between 3 and 10 hours (depending on program).
  The content, length and intensity of the courses are custom-designed, adapted to the client's level, potential, needs and requirements, with or without specific orientation or terminology.

We see our educational job not only in the straight linguistic teaching and the technical transfer of some foreign language proficiency, but also in the development of the necessary intercultural mindset for real communication skills.

Therefore we coach our trainees also in specifically French economic, political, social and cultural facts.

We familiarize them with typical French peculiarities and traits combined and interwoven with a thorough training in general French language proficiency covering:
  •  progressive acquisition of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions
  • syntax, grammar, structures of formal and everyday language
  • phonetic and phonic exercises
  • "pattern drills " to facilitate accuracy, ease and fluency in speaking and listening.

We also offer - depending on program or upon request - some supplementary, extracurricular activities.
(*)   see more under  : ADD-Ons "Compact Special"

  Our fully equipped, functional classrooms are individually spread over the French Riviera (with a choice between Menton and Cannes, (upon request and depending on availability, but mainly in Nice) and are situated mostly at our teachers homes or at carefully selected private homes.
Each participant is therefore the only "student" in "his school" with no possibility of meeting other participants and "breaking out" of the French frame.

 We also "export" our highly experienced and well trained instructors individually or as a team for In-company Courses or Seminars and for private lessons " domicile" along the French Riviera but also world wide.
(information and estimate upon request)
  see also : Compact Abroad
  The teams are well adjusted to working together and used to one another. They comprise instructors of a wide variety of professional backgrounds and extensive teaching experience at all levels.

Each participant is allocated a dedicated teaching team of two up to four trainers for the duration of his stay.

Size and constitution will vary not only depending upon the training requirements for the participants, the chosen program and its content but also in terms of compatibility of personality.

Course Type ı Course Start Dates and Registration ı Course Duration ı Course Lessons ı Course Content ı Course Place